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Utkal Chatua

Chatua manufacturer of Odisha

Pentacle Food Industries, Odisha based food company is committed towards offering the kind of food products that are a significant part of the cultural ecosystem of the state in their healthiest form. Being a leading chatua manufacturer of Odisha, that prioritizes health over every other factor, Pentacle Food Industry puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of the ingredients used in their products and ensures that everything that the customer consumes not just appeals to their taste buds but also contributes towards improving their health. The kind of processes and operations Pentacle Food Industry engages in are designed in a way that they do not cause any harm to the environment.

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Utkal Chatua Diet | Utkal Chatua Choco | Utkal Chatua Mango | Utkal Chatua Strawberry

Utkal Chatua is one of the many food products manufactured by Pentacle Food Industry. Chhatua powder is a type of flour that is comprised of a very healthy mixture consisting of cereals and ground pulses. While there are different ways to prepare this powder material, we manufacture it using the kind of methods that ensure that you get a fine blend of taste and well-being after consuming it. Because of it being a high source of protein, it is consumed by a large number of people living in the state. Being a leading chhatua trader in Odisha we always pay attention to hygienic and quality food that makes people healthy.

In the northern parts of the country, Chatua (chhatua powder) is referred to as Sattu and is used to prepare a variety of dishes including refreshing drinks during the summer season. While Chatua is made and sold in different variants, you will get the very fine Chatua only in Odisha. Chhatu or Sattu it is all same; multi grain health mix to keep you fit. We are one of the best sattu manufacturers from Odisha that has gained popularity in short period of time. Currently our sattu is available to PAN India.

Being the top chatua manufacturer and supplier in Odisha, we strive to serve the finest quality of Chatua to our customers in the form of Utkal Chatua. Today, we can proudly say that you will find a pack of Utkal Chatua in every third household in Odisha. If are looking for Odia sattu maker that can add all nutrition value to human being, we are the answer.

What makes Utkal Chatua so special?

Several factors have contributed towards Chatua being one of the most popular food items in Odisha and elsewhere for decades. Utkal Chatua, with its different flavors and abundant nutrients, has contributed towards propelling its popularity forward. While many prefer it for its health benefits, its unique and enriching flavor attracts a large number of individuals towards it as well. Our endeavor to offer the finest quality chatua to our customers, have made us the leading chatua manufacturer and supplier of Odisha. Apart from manufacturing chatua based products, Utkal Chatua is also the most reputed chatua supplier in Odisha.

Different Varieties

When you wish to try out Chatua, you will get a lot of options to choose from. Wheat, sorghum and barley are some of the different forms it is available in. What is common between all these variants is the presence of roasted grams. Based on your preferences and eating habits, you can choose one of the many variants. We are the only flavored chtaua manufacture in Odisha that produce varieties of flavored chatua; we know our kids love changes in their daily breakfast.   When you opt for Utkal Chatua, you also get the opportunity to choose from different flavours like chocolate, strawberry, mango, diet and yuth. With these unique flavours, we aim to make Chatua palatable to every taste bud without compromising on the nutrients present in it. This is the reason why when most people think of the best chatua manufacturer of Odisha, they think of Utkal Chatua. Now people can buy flavored sattu from Odisha.

Readily Available

There was a time when Chatua was available mostly in grocery stores. Now, you can see being put up on the shelves of malls and supermarkets. That serves as a testimony to the fact that the popularity of Chatua has spread far and wide in the last several years. Being a top chatua manufacturer of Odisha, we at Pentacle food Industries, have a strong distribution system and we ensure that you can find Utkal Chatua, in all its different variants, in most locations ranging from a big mall in the city to a small grocery store in a village. Whenever you want to taste Utkal Chatua, you will have it.

Healthy Ingredients

In many households in Odisha, elders make the children in the house have a taste of Chatua at a very early age. This is done with the objective of getting them into the habit of consuming this food item which comprises of insoluble fibre and a bunch of health-beneficial nutrients. Owing to the many nutritious ingredients, having any Chatua based dish is considered to be a wholesome meal. Before it became popular throughout the country, Chatua porridge, which consisted of Chatua, mustard oil, onion, green chillies and salt, was a favorite dish of most Odias. Health is one thing that we prioritize while making different variants of Utkal Chatua.


One of the key factors that have contributed towards the popularity of Chatua is its versatility. From parathas to summer drinks, it can be used to prepare a variety of food and liquid items. Utkal Chatua is designed in a particular way that you can churn out countless dishes using it. Many of our customers from Bihar buy it to delicious littis, a dough-ball styled dish that is very famous in the region. Apart from making parathas, a large number of people use Utkal Chatua to make porridge, upma and puri. Chatua sharbat, a chilled drink is served to the guests by most Odia families during the summer.


Chatua is popular across all the different economic sections of society because of its affordability. We offer Utkal Chatua in a variety of flavours and use premium quality ingredients to make them but at the same time, we make sure that our products remain cost-effective and can be purchased by anybody who wants to have a taste of high-quality Chatua at reasonable prices. Our motto has been to offer the best quality products to our customers at affordable rates. Offering healthy and nutritious chatua at budget-friendly prices has contributed towards UtkalChatua being the most prominent chatua supplier in Odisha.

Varieties of Utkal Chatua

With time, people’s eating preferences change. Sometimes, younger people feel reluctant to try out traditional food items. To get them to make these items a part of their diet, one has to add a twist to it. That’s exactly what we have done with Utkal Chatua. We have made this product available in as many as 5 different flavours (diet, choco, mango and strawberry) to ensure that it appeals to everybody. From children to the elderly, the different avatars of Utkal Chatua strike a chord with every age group. Therefore we are the most sought after Odia cereals manufacturer and supplier.