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Utkal Ambula

Utkal Ambula Chakhna

Just like Utkal Chatua is identified with Odisha, Ambula has its origins in this glorious state. Ambula, to put it simply, is a sundried mango food item that is sweet and sour in equal measure. Till a couple of years back, it could be bought only when you arrived in Odisha. Many tourists, who came from different parts of the country, would pack several kilograms of Ambula and take it to their home state with them. Now, it is available on many popular e-commerce sites as well. Being one of the leading Ambula manufacturers of Odisha, we always look for quality and customers' satisfaction. 

What makes Utkal Ambula Chakhna special is the fact that it is as organic as it gets. We don’t use any chemicals or synthetic elements to augment its taste. Only natural ingredients are used to ensure that it offers a delectable taste to the consumer and safeguards their health as well. Utkal Ambula can be used to prepare a variety of dishes including Ambula Fish Curry, Ambula Potato Brinjal Curry, Ambula Khata and Ambula Rai, among others.  Should you want to order our spicy Utkal Ambula, we are here to help. We are one of the best Ambula traders in Odisha, when it comes to quality Ambula.