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Pentacle Food Industries:  Odisha's leading chatua (Chhatua Powder) manufactures

We are an indigenous Odia food brand that has a global appeal. While our products are deeply entrenched in the culinary traditions of Odisha and are manufactured in the state, people from all across the globe – and not just India – have tasted them and have appreciated the authenticity and wholesomeness of the flavours. At Pentacle Food Industry, our endeavour is to present traditional Odia dishes in a contemporary avatar to people of all age groups who crave for them.

Pentacle Food Industry (PFI) believes in innovation and that is one thing that has helped us create products that are a seamless blend of traditional recipes and modern ideas. We leverage our knowledge and expertise to streamline our, processes and operations. We wish to offer our consumers the kind of food products that appeal to their taste buds and lead them towards a healthy lifestyle.

Thought behind This Initiative

  • Did you manage to stick to your New-Year resolution of consuming healthy food regularly?
  • Do the breakfast you have in the morning help in setting the tone for a productive day or does it make you feel lethargic?
  • As an Odia, do you crave to eat the traditional food items you grew up on while living in an outside state or foreign country?

These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when you contemplate switching to a healthier lifestyle. The path to a healthy life starts with adhering to a nutritious diet. Making small changes in your diet plan goes a long way in ensuring that you remain fit and healthy. Odisha is a state that has been credited with discovering several wonderful food items that are known to be extremely healthy and delicious at the same time. However, for the longest time, most people struggled to have access to these food items.

In a bid to address the afore mentioned issues, we built our company ‘Pentacle Food Industry’ whose sole aim is to offer consumers high-quality food items that are based on the recipes born in the land of Odisha. All our attempts have been designed at making Odia traditional dishes popular and most importantly, accessible all across the world. Through our products, we wish to bridge a connection of Odisha with the rest of the world.


Quality Services

Pentacle-India being a group of companies is an organization which accumulates 5 pillars of entities in 5 different line of businesses.

Valuable Ideas

Therefore the Associate section of Pentacle deals with such issues and provides appropriate direction and action to the partnering organizations.

Budget Friendly

We are keeping eye open to this segment and promised to have an unit of manufacturing that can provide an affordable nutritional food products.


In all cases we’ll work with your team to understand your business requirements and happy to help you in any situation .

Our Mission, Values and Motto

To generate maximum employment by various business streams and contribute to State’s economic growth .

To provide values to society by generating maximum employment,

assisting in business growth, providing shelter and building a healthy generation.

Pentacle – India, Founder & CEO

Users Reviews:

Join the 1,00,000 + Happy customers of Pentacle Food Industries and see why they love it so much!


Recently I bought some products of Pentacle foods like Pampdi, Tea Snacks, Ambula , Chatua and Seo. The packaging is excellent. I started with Pampdi it's taste is awesome. My parents will start with Mango and Diet chhatua. It seems to be a new product and I wish them all the best and give indigenous food items of Odisha.

Umashankar Behera


Its really nice to see this. Much needed. Pentacle Food Industries would definitely go long way as the very intention to promote the food of Odisha world wide is appreciable. Must say the quality of food is nice. Nice packaging as well.

Rajesh Sahu

Pentacle Food Industry (PFI) is a true people-to-people company. We provide hygienic, nourishing, and quality food for our consumers.

Our goal is to offer authentic Odia food; a balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein, fibre & low fat. Our foods are a true combo of unmatched taste, food efficacy, and proper nutrition.

The number that our company has put up serves as a testimony to the fact that we have manufactured quality chatua products consistently and have served our customers well.

  • Despite being a relatively new company, we are at #4 in Bhubaneswar
  • #2 in Cuttack as far as Chatua manufacturing companies in Odisha is concerned.
  • In the category of flavoured Chatua providers, we are at #1 position in the entire state of Odisha.

By mid-2023, we are aiming to be #1 across all verticals of Chatua manufacturers in Odisha.

  • Different packaging
  • Affordable price
  • Unique product design
  • Unique taste
  • Six eye quality check
  • Product efficacy