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About Us

We are Pentacle Food Industries.

Pentacle Food Industry

We are an indigenous Odia food Brand “Pentacle Food Industry” passionate about providing premium quality food solutions to India and across the globe. Through our innovative approach, we always endeavor to bring back traditional Odia dishes available to millions of people who crave them.

Pentacle Food Industry (PFI) always looks out for new ideas and simple solutions to serve our customers. We leverage our knowledge and expertise to streamline our benchmark, processes, and operations.

Thought behind the start-up

Are we having very healthy breakfasts in our daily life? Do we have our own Odia brands that suffice the consumer demand? Do we trust our own products? Are our fellow Odia citizens availing their own food outside the state or country? Are we willing to say about our own food to the rest of the world? So many questions can ignite an Odia mind that lives a social life inside or outside of the land. But are we doing anything about it or it’s just a dying thought out of other millions. We pledge to address these existing gaps and contribute a bit to society by taking one step ahead with building “Pentacle Food Industry” a pragmatic approach of developing an Odia land food with an innovative approach and bringing back the traditional dish available to millions of people who crave for it. Commitment & Compassion are some of the key aspects which take us forward in this journey with our customers.

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