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Utkal Chatua – Mango

Utkal Chatua Mango

Mango is one fruit that can be used to prepare countless dishes. While its taste is unbeatable, being a seasonal fruit makes it much more desirable among those who devour it. While you might have tasted mango ice-creams and mango-flavoured beverages, there are a variety of mango recipes that have become popular in the last several years. While Aam Panna, made with mango syrup, is one of the most favourite drinks of Indians, many innovative recipes like Mango Lassi and Mango Shrikhand have also come to the fore in the recent past.

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As mango has been one of the most revered fruits in the country, our food engineers at Pentacle India decided to come up with a product that offer consumers a taste of both chatua and mango. After putting in a lot of research, their efforts bore fruit (quit literally!) when Utkal Chatua Mango was born. Our food experts ensure that all the mangoes that are used in the manufacturing of this product are fresh and of the highest quality.

If one thinks of it, the combination of chatua and mango is quite unique but one that was waiting to happen for a long time. While mango is used to make different types of drinks, chatua is also used to make chatua sherbet and other kinds of organic beverages. If you use Utkal Chatua Mango to make a drink, it would offer you the flavour of both chatua and mango.