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Utkal Chatua – Strawberry

Utkal Chatua Strawberry

While strawberry, as a fruit, remains highly in demand in western countries, most of us in India were introduced to the flavor of strawberry through the first cup of strawberry ice-cream we had in our childhood. No wonder, strawberry is one of the most favorite flavors among children. Apart from ice-creams, children love strawberry flavored jams, milkshakes, juices, chocolates and pies.

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At home, too, people experiment with different types of dishes where strawberries are used extensively. If you are about to try out a strawberry for the first time, there is a good chance of you noticing and being enamoured by its bright red exterior first. Strawberries look as appealing to the eyes as they do to one’s palate.

When somebody first mentions ‘strawberry flavored chatua’ to you, you might find the combination to be a little odd. However, when you taste Utkal Chatua Strawberry, you will agree to the fact that the combination works just about fine. The sweetness of strawberry serves as an interesting accompaniment to the flavor of different ingredients like wheat, rice, puffed rice, rice flakes, Bengal gram, brown chickpeas that chatua is made of.

We have made Utkal Chatua Strawberry keeping children in mind. It is bought by many parents to introduce their child to chatua. Strawberry is one of those flavors that strikes a chord with children instantly. Therefore, when you offer them chatua, which is made of organic strawberries, they will definitely ask you to serve it to them regularly.