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Utkal Chatua – Choco

Utkal Chatua Choco

One of the reasons behind Utkal Chatua being the biggest chatua manufacturer of Odisha is the fact that we make chatua keeping the diverse tastes and preferences of consumers in mind.  These days, chocolate is added to a lot of conventional food items to make it taste different. You might have heard of chocolate being added to oatmeal, sandwiches and even burgers. While adding chocolate to some food products helps in augmenting their flavour, there are times when adding this product, which has been derived from cocoa beans, does not produce the desired result.

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What we can assure you of is that Utkal Chatua Choco is just the right food item for those who love chocolate and chatua in equal measure. Our food engineers ensure that chatua and chocolate, two elements that have nothing in common, are mixed in the right proportion and the hybrid flavour is the kind that appeals to everybody.

There are some people who find the taste of chatua to be a little bland. Also, there are many people who make it a part of their regular diet but wish it had a slightly different taste. If you prefer a bit of sweetness and the kick that the essence of cocoa beans provide to your senses, Utkal Chatua Choco would be a good product to invest in.

While consuming an excessive amount of chocolate would not be good for one’s health, chocolate has several health benefits that you can receive when you consume it in moderate quantities. Keeping that in mind, we add exactly the amount of chocolate content that would augment your health and complement the chatua well.